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Looking for an alternative Paypal module


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I tried. And my experience was not good.

As both modules are called Paypal I unstalled the TB one. I didn't delete it but instead renamed it (that is: the subdirectory under Modules). I often do this when I make changes to a module and I want to keep the old version close so that I can easily put it back. Under Prestashop I have never seen a problem with that.

Thirty Bees may be a different. The first sign was that the module stayed listed.

Anyway, I could install the PS version and setting it up in the backoffice gave no problems. However, when I went to the front end and tried to make a payment I got this when I clicked the Paypal bar. Note the double bread crumb and the error message.

Does anyone have an explanation what is going wrong here?


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it looks like he still recognizes the other module. maybe you have to remove everything manually and then install the desired module. Sometimes that happens because not everything is deleted after deinstalling a module so the platfom is getting confused. Dot be afraid to delete it, you can grab it from a fresh installation if you want it back.

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@mdekker said in Looking for an alternative Paypal module:

If you could give us some more feedback about the thirty bees PayPal module that would be great! Everywhere I looked the module was running fine, but it was running under ideal circumstances and all the systems were optimized by myself, so there's a chance we might have missed a few edge cases.

  • It would have saved me a lot of time when there had been some explanation/help function about what payment standard/payment plus/express payment mean. I have seen it explained in Paypal terms. But it is very hard to derive from that how it will affect the layout and functioning of your shop.

  • it looks like the problem that I mentioned and from which I showed a picture has something to do with uninstalled modules being not really absent - but somehow still interfering. But there might also be some problem with the PS Paypal module. Anyway, that is a bridge too far for me to explore.

BTW: is it possible to number the posts in this forum. I wanted to refer to my picture in post number 3 and then I found that the posts are not numbered.

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