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[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file Class 'Cbdom' not found


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hello today i try to install ccavenue payment gateway . i upload via cpanel . then go to admin panel and click modules and service . error blank screen with this warning see [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/bzcqhswi/public_html/modules/ccavenue/ccavenue.php: Class 'Cbdom' not found .where is check this ? see this attach it is the ccavenue payment gateway module one file01507190041929ccavenue.php please answer thanks

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and also read this [ThirtyBeesException]

Class 'Cbdom' not found at line 106 in file modules/ccavenue/ccavenue.php

  1. {
  2. $this->uninstall();
  3. $this->_errors[]=$this->l('Error in ccavenue payment method contact support');
  4. return false;
  5. }
  6. $cbdom = new Cbdom();
  7. $this->_cbdom=$cbdom;
  8. $POST['ccavenuepaylicensekey'] = $this->pglickey;
  9. if(!empty($POST['ccavenuepaylicense_key']))
  10. {
  11.         $license_key = $_POST['ccavenuepay_license_key'];                                

    ccavenue->loadDefaults - [line 54 - modules/ccavenue/ccavenue.php]

    1. $this->page = basename(FILE, '.php');
    2. $this->displayName = $this->l('ccavenue MCPG');
    3. $this->description = $this->l('Accepts payments by ccavenue');
    4. $this->confirmUninstall = $this->l('Are you sure you want to delete your details ?');
    5. $this->cbdommain = new Cbdom_main();
    6. $this->loadDefaults();
    7. }
    8. public function install()
    9. {
    10. $helper = new HelperForm();
    11. $helper->token = Tools::getAdminToken('AdminModules');

anyone know please answer

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thanks for your support yes sir the same module working my old site this now live . i created a new site but not work this . not idea see blow error [ThirtyBeesException]

Class 'Cbdom' not found at line 106 in file modules/ccavenue/ccavenue.php

ccavenue->loadDefaults - [line 54 - modules/ccavenue/ccavenue.php] ccavenue->__construct - [line - ] ReflectionClass->newInstance - [line 189 - Core/Foundation/IoC/CoreFoundationIoCContainer.php] CoreFoundationIoCContainer->makeInstanceFromClassName - [line 232 - Core/Foundation/IoC/CoreFoundationIoCContainer.php] - [2 Arguments] CoreFoundationIoCContainer->doMake - [line 253 - Core/Foundation/IoC/CoreFoundationIoCContainer.php] - [2 Arguments] CoreFoundationIoCContainer->make - [line 71 - Adapter/AdapterServiceLocator.php] - [1 Arguments] AdapterServiceLocator::get - [line 938 - classes/module/Module.php] - [1 Arguments] ModuleCore::getModulesOnDisk - [line 330 - controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] - [3 Arguments] AdminModulesControllerCore->initContent - [line 366 - classes/controller/Controller.php] ControllerCore->run - [line 743 - classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 63 - admin/index.php] please help me see this module 01507265062030ccavenue.zip

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The installation doesn't look complete, or it assumes you have done some sort of post-installation setup that you haven't done. It assumes the existence of: classes/controller/cbdom.php

This file seems to be missing at your site.

Was this addon perhaps just copied over from another site and you missed some files. Is there perhaps an addon install procecure you should have used instead?

Probably better if you check with someone that supports the ccavenue addon than here.

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This module does not run on prestashop for me. This module is a POS, it is trying to create a file in the admin directory for some reason and failing. If you got it installed in PrestaShop, check the PrestaShop site's admin directory for a file named cbdom.php and add that file to the same location in your thirty bees site. Alternatively you can go to India and find the developer and punch him in the face.

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Thanks lesley your support I successfully installed your answer correct the admin folder one file cbdom .File hire but it blank page . I get a copy the cbdom code from my old site (4 monrh ago I successfully installed this module in thirtybees) and past in this the blank cbdom file .Then after install success Lessly meny meny Thanks for your help

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Thanks lessly and how to solve this issue i nstall a new multi vendor module.module work fine. now something issue now this vendor aria . vendor profile description html aria and product description html aria not visible . then i change performance smart java script set to no (off) after this issue solved . but that (smart java script) benefit missing. how to set this module with out smart java script ( dont want smart java script support for this module) or any idea please help thanks

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