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Hide unavailable attribute values from product page


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Hope someone can help me with the following. My shop sells shirts with texts on the back. I now have a section (category) for men and ladies but most shirts are marked as duplicate content because I have the same text for both categories.

I was planning to merge the products by adding an extra attribute for type of shirt. In that case I have 1 product where the customer can choose:

  1. Shirt type: men or ladies
  2. Shirt color: black, blue, pink, orange, green
  3. Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

The problem is on the product page. If I select men then it must show only the available colors and sizes for men. The same for ladies. Now all attribute values are shown and a message is displayed: "this combination is not available". This is not really user friendly.

In prestashop 1.7 this seems to be working out-of-the box by hiding the not-available values. But prestashop 1.6 and thirtybees work different.

Is there a solution or plugin to have the behavior I need?

Thanks! Bart

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Doesn't look like this is ever going to be incorporated. The module below works great on my PS 1.6 store so it should work fine on TB.


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@ajensen27 thanks for this link. It looks like this comes close to what I want. Instead of hiding the unavailable attribute values it marks them with a cross. I'll look into it to see if it works for my store too! But still too bad that this is not standard functionality.

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This is also something that concerns me as I will be making heavy use of attributes. I found this post on the PS forums which has a link to a free module that claims to solve this problem. The caveat is that it only works for attributes contained within drop-down lists. Still, it's free instead of 60 Euros... Hopefully it works with thirty bees.

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