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  1. Actually that is what I have in my mind with the app hahaha
  2. Yeah, you are right, not every OMS are the same. For example, how do deal when an order arrives? print the order detail list and do the pickup?. Wouldn't it better to have an mobile app or interface that can show the order detail with its combination pictures, its location sorted, so you have to travel less?, then just a few click in the same app and the order changes states from picking to packing. After that, how do you synchronize the stock from the ERP and thirtybees*? manual CVS export? wouldn't it better to have some scheduled task that compares the current stock in your ERP and do the update via Http post to TB webservice? *I'm assuming that nobody does billing with TB and ends up using an ERP.
  3. Hi everyone!, I'm doing a side project about an generic order management system with thirtybees compatibility, it has some features at the moment, but it will require more investment to get something in production. So, before throwing more of my limited time at it, I would like to know if merchants or agencies have interest in it.
  4. do you have the translations folder?
  5. Is there a way to make it multiprocess? because it is single process and that is a waste of resources.
  6. eikichiz


    What about a subscription model based on support and crowdfunding model for bug fixing and new features?.
  7. To get it working under 5.4, you need to disable the authentication in elasticsaerch, otherwise it won't connect.
  8. There is a workaround for it, you could deploy a 5.4 ES server and do a ssh bridge or vpn so it won't be publicly exposed.
  9. hahaha, thanks for taking your time to explain your setup, it looks like a centralized product information management would be good for you :) , you enter the product only once and then export with different rules per channel ( BT, ERP , Ebay, Amazon ... etc).
  10. Yeah it looks complex , interesting setup, do it take much of your time to have the stock synchronized in all the three sites?, I guess that you don't post a lot of products per day, otherwise it would be madness.
  11. Hi guys, I would like to know what ERP do you guys use or think it is the most used or interesting out there . We could awake the interest for a real time integration module to achieve omnichannel with TB. It could be a generic enough gateway with plugins that adapts to each ERP. In my case, I use Factusol (quite famous in Spain , which is free to use but closed source).
  12. I haven't tried, this is the installer for 6.3 https://www.elastic.co/es/downloads/past-releases/elasticsearch-6-3-0 Edit: tried with v7.0 , it works!
  13. Maybe adding PageSpeed module to Nginx might help a bit. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/?hl=es-419 Also, you could use ramdisk for cache files.
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