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  1. There is a workaround for it, you could deploy a 5.4 ES server and do a ssh bridge or vpn so it won't be publicly exposed.
  2. hahaha, thanks for taking your time to explain your setup, it looks like a centralized product information management would be good for you :) , you enter the product only once and then export with different rules per channel ( BT, ERP , Ebay, Amazon ... etc).
  3. Yeah it looks complex , interesting setup, do it take much of your time to have the stock synchronized in all the three sites?, I guess that you don't post a lot of products per day, otherwise it would be madness.
  4. Hi guys, I would like to know what ERP do you guys use or think it is the most used or interesting out there . We could awake the interest for a real time integration module to achieve omnichannel with TB. It could be a generic enough gateway with plugins that adapts to each ERP. In my case, I use Factusol (quite famous in Spain , which is free to use but closed source).
  5. I haven't tried, this is the installer for 6.3 https://www.elastic.co/es/downloads/past-releases/elasticsearch-6-3-0 Edit: tried with v7.0 , it works!
  6. Maybe adding PageSpeed module to Nginx might help a bit. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/?hl=es-419 Also, you could use ramdisk for cache files.
  7. Hi guys, I managed to get it working with ES v6.3 create a composer.json in modules/elasticsearch with this content : { "require": { "elasticsearch/elasticsearch": "6.5.0" }, "autoload": { "psr-4": { "ElasticsearchModule\\": "classes/" } } } then delete the vendor folder and regenerate it again with : composer install That's it. Enjoy ES v6.3.0 :) EDIT: Works with v7.0 too.
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