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  1. Timestamp is very usefull, and it will be available on all resources to refresh all cache when it needed. It's the easiest way to control a web cache server 🙂 I don't know prestashop very well... but I think, it will be the job of PageNotFoundController.php to consider querystring at the end of ressource and a .htaccess rules.
  2. So what i understand: they are a rewrite rule who try to do this: localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738-small.jpg -> localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738-small_default.jpg who work but break on querystring timestamp.
  3. Hum, I just create a "small" image in adminImages config and just it works™. Sry for the inconvenient
  4. More tests: localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738.jpg?time=156874940 // (thickbox) hit localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738.jpg // (thickbox) hit localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738-small.jpg // hit localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738-small.jpg?time=156874940 // 404
  5. Hello, In the Backoffice -> product edit -> Images Tab: Thumbnails got a timestamp like "?time=1568749403911" The image return a 404 and a default no-image.jpg is displayed. If I remove the timestamp from the url the image is display correctly. the problem occur only on this tab. (i I don't know why, my local web server do that for TB. I try with modules and overrides disable, Hard cache reset on firefox and reload TB cache but it's the same issue. In many other CMS timestamped resources have no problem and In my CSS files on front I use timestamp for Fontello icon and it works as normal. I don't know where I can search for fix that? Edit: in the fancybox, when i click on this image (exactly the same ressource is called) image display correctly. It's no sense for me 😞
  6. OMG, Sorry for the inconvenience, hard refresh ( CTRL + R on Firefox) seem fix the issue. Thx for the Poster @datakick, I will print it and hang it on my wall. Thx for the reply @Traumflug and @datakick
  7. Hello, On my local TB, on FIREFOX, When i try to edit price on product. the price tab content is empty. All saves buttons from all tab are disable with the loading animation. JS console tell me: JS Error: displayPrice is not defined. the displayPrice function is in: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.1.x/js/tools.js#L90, and it call from: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.1.x/js/admin/price.js#L152 All Works fine when I disable firefox cache. Do you experiment the same problem?
  8. Ok I see. For me a classic PHP HTML app will be totally accessible & usable without JS. JS is the icing on the cake and come at the end to improve UX. So that how it is.
  9. I think it will be more simple for optimize, calculate intersection is a good idea but in practice it feel a bit complicated for something simple. for example my compressed CSS have only 1ko variation between product / category / home. The files have at 99% the same code. So I have reported here: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1032 thx
  10. Ok, thx. Another question about "Smart" cache for CSS the compressed css filename is different on home / category / product. Is it a bug? does it desserve a bug report? Normally at the first load, all my CSS will be ready for all the website ; I think.
  11. Hello, I'm writing theme and some Tb core js file are not needed. I know how to override js from module, But How can I disable some js from the core properly in my thème? I have made a conditionnal preg_match in the header.tpl for test, but when I set the concat js option in Backoffice this is ignored {foreach from=$js_files item=js_uri} {if !preg_match("/(ui.position|jquery.autocomplete|jquery.scrollTo|jquery.serialScroll|bxslider|ui.position|blocksearch)/", $js_uri)} <script type="text/javascript" src="{$js_uri|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"></script> {/if} {/foreach}
  12. Hello, I'm testing the amazing Datakick module, and have some questions: - I would like filter duplicate friendly field on product for a quick edit, is it possible? (So I can use phpmyadmin :() - Can I get custom fields value into a smarty variable easily? if it's possible can I have an example? Thanks a lot.
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