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  1. @snowycat said in New General Data Protection Regulation 2018-05-25: will be overflowing the whole forum with "hooray the GDPR module is done!" posts. Probably very happily. :D
  2. I don't think there are shopping bots. It's just some random bots, that keep following links. If your theme has "Add to Cart" links, then they will follow it. Most of the time it's the button in category view. Those bots ignore "no-follow" and "robots.txt". Blocking them will not help, because there are thousands, if not millions of them. The only way to stop it, is to remove Add-to-Cart Buttons that are defined as links or replace them with a JS based button.
  3. @dosbiner With css grid you will have the problem with browser support. There are still those strange people out there, who are using something like IE11 or worse. Wouldn't recommend that. Bootstrap is just fine. Everyone knows it, so there are plenty of people who can modify it without much to learn. Also it is a mature framework, hat just works everywhere. It only needs an update. Maybe there is some kind of modernizer script, that can make it backwards compatible. Like jquery-migrate or modernizer.js.
  4. Pls no. Not that Material or Windows Hype themes. I rather prefer a neutral theme, that can be customized easily. Something like Gambio. Or maybe Generatepress from Wordpress. For anything else there are still commercial themes.
  5. Jemand hatte das 1.7er Modul installiert. Allerdings muss man da einiges nacharbeiten und das Ergebnis ist eher gemischt... Lieber auf das offizielle Teil warten. Kann gut sein, dass es etwas knapp wird. Immerhin gibt es hier wahrscheinlich nicht so viele Programmierer wie bei PS. :)
  6. Credentials. :) The module needs to be able to login to the PayPal API. It's the "CLIENT ID" and "SECRET" in the configuration page of the module. Make sure you have the right ones, because there are one for Sandbox and one for Live use. You can find those in developer.paypal.com
  7. Never noticed there is a menu. I usually use keyboard shortcuts for copy+paste actions. The menu is quite nice. The only thing i would wish for, is a configuration page for the editor.
  8. Did you try change the cache lifetime setting in the module itself? You can set it in minutes. Theoretically it should refresh itself then.
  9. Did you activate one of those modules in the configuration page of the plugin?
  10. Good thing i did a backup before the change. So far everything is working as expected. I also removed the foreign key stuff in the second currency related table. I only left the relations for Euro. I may not be a fully fledged developer, but i learned enough SQL in my apprenticeship to know what's going on. ;) You're right, there is a column for soft-delete. In that case i think it's a bug in the template i'm using. I'd say it's a fixed for now. How do i mark this as resolved?
  11. Ok, i just jumped into phpmyadmin and deleted those currencies manually. Why don't they get deleted, if i remove them from the TB interface?
  12. I tried. I even tried to deactivate or delete those currencies. For some weird reason i now have those currencies twice. This is the only place where they are shown. Everything else is just fine.
  13. Hi, is it possible to allow only one currency for bank transfer? While doing a test order, i noticed that the customer could choose between Dollar, Euro and GBP. Since this payment method is only available for customers from germany, i only want to allow Euro. Everyone else uses PayPal anyway. thx
  14. Hi there, while working with multiple languages, i noticed that some E-Mails can't be sent because of an error like this: Error - The language file is missing for: de It would be quite nice if TB would just fallback to the english language files, if it can't find anything else. This would be better instead of just crashing or showing a generic error. That "language file missing" error only shows up in debug mode.
  15. This version is amazing. It solved plenty of problems i had at the beginning. The only thing i'm missing is the possibility to add multiple features. For example at products, that have multiple colors. It would make filtering them simpler.
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