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  1. https://gitter.im/thirtybees/General?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=unread-notifications# maybe there should be some notification to the tb forum. Otherwise it seems to be like some people can´t find it
  2. I think there are small things, that make it easy, especially for new and inexperienced users. 1. like a working GDPR module 2. an easy way to change colors of buttons and fonts in FO the thirtybees website should be up to date, also the demo shop. If you go there and there are still links to patreon, you feel like it is already dead...
  3. Merchants with an existing shop simply upgrade to the latest Bleeding Edge 1.1.x, that's the same. so once again for stupids: if I make in thirtybees with coreupdater an update to the latest version (1.1.x) then it is updating to merchants edition?
  4. whats about https://saleor.io
  5. Question: why is thirtybees not listed here? https://sourceforge.net
  6. Hey there, Is there a way to increase the number of characters allowed in the title? At the moment it is 128 thanks!
  7. also ich hatte es so verstanden, aber nach ein paar Minuten googlen, bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob ich das richtig verstanden habe...
  8. diesen zwei Punkten schließe ich mich an! Danke für den Hinweis und seinen Shop auf ne einfache Art und Weiße zum Testen kopieren zu können, das wäre fein.
  9. also ich hab so ein "webinar" (von e-recht24) angesehen, [EDIT: und ziemlich sicher nicht richtig verstanden was da gesagt wurde :D, sorry...]
  10. so as far as I know, if you use matomo you don´t need cookie tool, because the data stays at your server and doesn´t go to google or some other third parties. Can somebody confirm this?
  11. In module image slider you can add text to an image. This text is always on the right half of the image. But in the mobile version the text does not appear. Any idea?
  12. i have this strange problem too. Changing a translation for a word in front-office, it deletes automatically existing translations. What do you @toplakd mean with "one can not save empty string"? What are the consequences of this? Does it mean, I have to translate everything to be able to save?
  13. any hint how to do this?
  14. when putting object in cart, the popup appears. There it shows me what other customers bought (module crossselling) But the screen is freezed so i can´t scroll. So one can just see the first two objects. Don´t know if this is issue of the 3 page checkout or the modified template (it is the one from toplakd). Can anyone confirm this?
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