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  1. In module image slider you can add text to an image. This text is always on the right half of the image. But in the mobile version the text does not appear. Any idea?
  2. i have this strange problem too. Changing a translation for a word in front-office, it deletes automatically existing translations. What do you @toplakd mean with "one can not save empty string"? What are the consequences of this? Does it mean, I have to translate everything to be able to save?
  3. any hint how to do this?
  4. when putting object in cart, the popup appears. There it shows me what other customers bought (module crossselling) But the screen is freezed so i can´t scroll. So one can just see the first two objects. Don´t know if this is issue of the 3 page checkout or the modified template (it is the one from toplakd). Can anyone confirm this?
  5. at least it could be one more reason for some people to join thirtybees instead of other ecommerce. So one more possibility for tb not to die
  6. actually this could work. But it is on me to do a lot of combinations to give the customer a selection. So if it would be a real "pay what you want" function, the customer could pay 1.19€ or 1.21 or 100.21 or what ever he likes. Possible scenarios: a voucher, kind of product with not a lot of material worth but the paid money is to support something (e.g. a kindergarten or whatever) and so the customer can choose how much this is worth for him, or for somebody who wants to support a shop and his idea with money but has the possibility to pay more then the actually value of the product. Think there are more possibilities, as said just saw this and thought might be a cool feature for tb:)
  7. hey all there, I found a feature called "pay what you want" somewhere in the internet and thought that this might be a pretty nice feature for thirtybees too. So you can choose a product and, wonder, pay what you want. Just an idea for future development.....
  8. btw, especially the color setting is a long needed and awesome feature!!💪 really appreciate this, even I don´t (yet?) use niara theme. This should be available in all modules!😍 EDIT: one more thing. When I change a setting and save it, I end up in "general" and not in the section I saved the setting
  9. Is it possible to add some "Fraktur" fonts? (maybe general in tb?) On this page you can download some of them for free. If this is possible, I can ask if it is also free as tb for commercial use. (or is tb not considered commercial, after all it is open source?) https://www.bfds.de/veroeffentlichungen/schriften-fuer-rechner/
  10. is there an update on this? Can i just donwolade the zipfile from your github link and insert via ftp ? And then just activate this theme (at my test-shop)?
  11. Sigi


    same here
  12. thanks! both solution are working. I just saw that at the voucher I also can choose a specific "shippingzone" and not only countries. Need to look better next time!
  13. my solution now is, that when cart is above 50€ and the recipient adress is in country A, the customer can add a voucher wich makes the shipping free. If the recipient adress is in another country of the world, he can´t add the voucher so shipping is not free. "Problem" (not for me actually but the customer) here is, that if he has cart above 50€ and adress is country A, he need to know about this voucher. If not he pays the shipping costs It is ok, but I don´t like this solution so much.
  14. i have another question to this topic. I want to have the customer free shipping when cart is above 50€ but only when recipient adress is in Country A. In all other cases, like rest of EU or world wide shipping, i don´t want the customers to have a free shipping. I just can´t figure out, how to make this work in tb... Any ideas there? EDIT: maybe also interesting for @toplakd @dynambee @DRMasterChief?
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