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  1. Just a quick warning: it's a good module but it won't work with Thirtybees 1.2 (author's module updated compatibility yesterday, it was only mentionned "Thirtybees" yesterday, "Thirtybees 1.1" now)
  2. Hello, Regarding RGPD/GDPR, could someone confirms one module which is compatible with last Thirtybees version, 1.2 ? I ask because i was expecting to use the one from Eolia ("Prestashop GDPR Compliancy Module" / https://eoliashop.com/module-RGPD ) but unfortunately... it works up to Thirtybees 1.1 only and author's module confirmed me it won't be updated ("I stopped following them because I didn't agree with their development choices and didn't test the latest version.") Best regards
  3. Hello, My two cents: Are you sure it's not because you have some sort of cache activated ? (value would be correctly updated in database... but display would not be refreshed) I would suggest to turn off all cache (under Advanced Parameters > Performance >SERVER SIDE CACHING > Use cache : NO) just before. Related setting in database is in table "tb_configuration", entry with name = "PS_MAIL_METHOD" with value.... PS_MAIL_METHOD = 1 (for mail()) PS_MAIL_METHOD = 2 (for SMTP) PS_MAIL_METHOD = 3 (no mail)
  4. Hello, Up to which Elasticsearch version would be suitable to use with this module in 2021 ? I'm currently trying to test this module with Thirtybees Bleeding Edge 1.3/Niara Theme and Nginx/PHP 7.3/Debian 10/Elasticsearch 7.12.0 and it appears to be promising a few comments : - i don't see a way to do a full reindex automatically (no url for CRON) - at the end of all result pages, i always have a "No results :(" line whereas it's not the case at all - Search facets appear (on left column) when you do a search from product page or category page but NOT from home/index page (because left column is disabled from theme page configuration) i wish it would be possible to "dock" search facets on the left à la doofinder.com (
  5. Hello, To be more precise, i installed TB 1.1 (https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/releases/download/1.1.0/thirtybees-v1.1.0.zip) with french language, Niara theme There isn't any /mails directory under /themes/niara Under /mails i have two subdirectories : /mails/en (67 files) /mails/fr (64 files) Winmerge screenshot to show differences (certain mails are ONLY in the english translation, other ones ONLY in the french translation)
  6. Hello, Try to do the same order but this time, choose another language (English), if it correct the problem it would mean it's related to your mails translation files. I had the very same error with the french translation: Under /mails/en (English), you should have order_conf_product_list.tpl order_conf_product_list.txt Under /mails/fr/ (French) those two files were missing, copy them there
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