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  1. Open source licences can be confusing, but not more than commercial licences. There a few guideline you need to be aware of, without the legalese, that will hold for most, in no order. Don't deny others the rights that you had. For example, you had access to the source code, you need to tell others where they can access the source code from. You don't own the code that others wrote, so don't pretend to. You might be able to own the additional code, enhancements and fixes, but in general, the code you got from the public domain will always belong there. With most licences, if you distribute the software (for example for download), you have to make the changes available under an acceptable licence. This may differ from licence to license.
  2. Tell us what you've done. We can either learn from it or contribute to the topic so you can get it right.
  3. This is probably why it is a good idea for theme developers to document their work.
  4. You can probably still log in to your backend (hopefully) if you can, log in and go to Menu >> Advanced Parameters => Performance On that page, enable debug. Then reload your frontend You should see the error that is being encountered. Post whatever is relevant here.
  5. I have used ErpNext for the past two years in my previous gig until a year ago. While it does have a shop face, I would go as far as saying that it's shop front is not mature and flexible enough for a shopping cat in the same way that a system like Thirtybees is. Customisation is going to a b^&ch. Anyhows. it is excellent as an ERP, with full chart of accounts, sales life cycle and MRP and so on. It has a fairly flattened database structure, and some complex linkage tables. It is certainly possible to write directly to their database table, but I would not recommend it. It does have a mature API, with some example projects with PHP, phyton etc. The commended route would be to use the API as a migration tool.
  6. I know this is an old post, but the "Add New Theme" functionality is a great way to create a new theme too. Just a word of caution. I called my theme something like "MyTheme 1.0" and ran into issues related to imagetype name validations when selecting "Use this theme". After hours of debugging, I deleted and removed the space and number and Viola!!!.
  7. Crafter

    New Sellers

    (My first post, so be kind). I am also just getting started creating a marketplace. I am at a very early stage as I am evaluating the best option to proceed. Correct me if I am wrong, but the way I understand your post is that you want is for the salesman to be assigned to the shop rather than the product as seen in the video in your link, I am testing this and see that this behaviour is by default once the salesman logs in. Only products created for that shop is available. Note that it is possible to share products (for example when you created your new store). In this case the salesman can edit the product (The system will issue a warning about the changes being available to everyone). Also, I noticed that on the admin menu bar, the default store is printed instead of the assigned store. I suppose this is because you can assign more than one store, but then I would have expected a dropdown, like for the SuperAdmin.
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