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  1. It's strange too. Maybe he expected another thing, but is like you say: each theme come with their own modules, so if he's trying to make work other modules, obviously need adjustment. The thing is to move from the last theme to the new theme all the content. Maybe can share an example, @motion2082 so we can help?
  2. Índice del contenido: Requisitos del hosting: desde minuto 0:30 Instalación automática desde Softaculous: a partir de 2:50 Instalación manual: a partir de 6:55 Descarga el paquete de instalación de Thirty Bees desde aquí: *** https://thirtybees.com/download/ *** Contrata un plan con a2hosting (tiene la opción de instalar automáticamente ThirtyBees): https://www.a2hosting.com/thirty-bees-hosting?aid=thirtybees También puedes elegir otros servidores, simplemente revisa los requisitos antes para no llevarte sorpresas 😉 En la misma página de Thirty Bees hay otros hostings recomendados que son partners oficiales. Además, contratando desde sus enlaces, les ayudas a seguir manteniendo la plataforma. CÓMO INSTALAR TB MANUALMENTE: Descargar el paquete desde la página Crear un directorio, dominio o subdominio para la web Subir el paquete al directorio raíz elegido Crear una base de datos, usuario y contraseña nuevos Acceder a la ruta para ejecutar la instalación Rellenar los pasos del formulario para ejecutar la instalación Borrar el directorio "/install" Si quieres descargar el mejor theme para Thirty Bees: *** http://bit.ly/PandaPrestaTheme *** Acceso al curso eCommerce by Yourself: *** http://bit.ly/ecommerceby *** Echa un vistazo al foro de Thirty Bees: https://forum.thirtybees.com
  3. Hi, Lesley! I'm going to start my videotutorials collection for Spanish TB users, so I created my affiliate account on a2hosting through your own affiliate link. That way you will receive the sub-affiliate commisions, as I've read... All I can help you to grow, I'll do it. Thanks for so much support!
  4. danwarrior

    Creating your blog

    I'm making another demo in Spanish for Youtube and just saw the new forum live while recording, haha. Congrats, guys!
  5. @lesley It worked perfectly, I've put it even on a special hook from the Panda Theme (displayCategoryHeader). I'm trying to adjust custom CSS, it will looks awesome :D Thank you so much, Lesley!
  6. @lesley Yeah, that looks great! I'm going to try and tell you :D
  7. @lesley It only shows that "Display TopColumn" isn't in the list of transplant module (after I've added that code) :)
  8. @lesley Mmm, that's what I'm doing. I've reseted too but nothing: https://elplandedan.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Screenshot-2019-01-10-at-22.30.02.png
  9. @lesley I'm not sure if I'm understanding what you mean... I've already show the screenshot: I've add that code, upload to the FTP and then, when I try to add the module to the new hook (from "positions" menu option), Display TopColumn is not showing. Is there any step more?
  10. @lesley I can't, the hook is not on the list...
  11. @lesley Thanks, Lesley! I've done it but there is not showing yet from Module Positions: Maybe I need to change something more?
  12. Hi, guys! I want to move the Faceted search module to the main column but positions are limited when I try to configure the new position. Do you know wich change I need to do (I think is via code) to insert in the main center column or another hook of my theme? Thank you very much!
  13. If I'm not wrong, the testimonial module you're showing is called "Paralax", so search in there the field for the background image and you can change it. If you need more details, please, give us some screenshot at least. Hope it works for you!
  14. @steve About the header of links groups: 1st: select down arrow + "Modify" on the name of the group (like my screenshot) 2nd: Write your Heading for each language.
  15. Cómo lleváis este tema? Estoy por montarlo en 3, 2, 1... Voy a probar el estándar de Redsys y os voy contando.
  16. @the-rampage-rado Perfect, renamed and working, thank you so much! :D
  17. @jonny Thank you very much, Jonny! I think is a kind of security on the hosting, they had a tool that lets me see if my IP is banned and guess... it was, because I'm working from Mexico instead of Spain xD I could do it later :) Security issues...
  18. @the-rampage-rado Sure it works, but today is not my day xD Uploaded it, through Backoffice and Filezilla, but can't see it, hahaha. Thank you 2!
  19. This is not tecnically a module issue, but I don't know where to post it, is about backoffice. When I try to translate some words I get a 403 error: any of you is getting the same? How can I solve? Permissions seems to be ok in my hosting... I'm using Panda theme and 1.0.7 in a new site. Thanks!
  20. Is there any module or configuration option to put a watermark in product images? I can't find it... Thank you so much!
  21. Jeje... eso me sonó a Nadie, igual me equivoco... Se va a cocer mucho dentro de poco, creo yo :D
  22. @datakick I'm still migrating my school and the course is only in Spanish language by now. This is the old landing page: https://escuela.elplandedan.com/curso-prestashop-1-7-en-espanol-ecommerce-by-yourself/
  23. For me, Panda is THE theme, both for Presta and TB. And TB is much more agile, so TB+Panda are my perfect pack. So much so that I created a course about Panda and now I'm extending it to aply with TB mainly. Panda, no doubt.
  24. Sorry, guys, it was a problem with aaaaall the file permissions on my hosting. It's already fixed, and theme working. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks!!
  25. Hi, guys! I'm trying to install and activate my Panda theme con a new TB site: https://thirtybees.elplandedan.com The upload is complete but I get this error message in Spanish: "Impossible to copy the configuration file". I have tried to update it manually via FTP but I can't activate the theme. I'm not sure if is an issue from my hosting or not, can you help me, please? Thank you so much!
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