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  1. SeaSky

    Issue cloning Block Banner

    Greetings everyone, First of all I want to thank you for your time and apologize if this is a somewhat duplicate thread, I looked in this forum and in the PS forums regading the same or similar issue with no luck. I'm working on a new site with a fresh 1.0.8 TB and Block Banner v2.0.2. In theory this should be an easy task, but I'am having some issues trying to duplicate the Block Banner module. I've replaced every single expression, respecting spaces and capitals in the files found in the module folder outside the theme and inside the folder inside the theme. The files I've edited are form.tpl, blockbanner.php and blockbanner.tpl in both folders. The config.xml is created automatically with the proper changes to the variables. The module appears in the module menu (Modules and Services>Modules and Services) but in the transplant page (Modules and Services>Positions) it does not. Also, when I install the module it states that it's already installed but when I try to uninstall it declares "The following module(s) could not be uninstalled properly:blockbanner2 :The module is not installed." Any clues in what could I be missing? any info / example that I missed that could be useful? Thanks in advance.