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Assistance with permanent 301 redirect from old shop platform to new shop platform




We'd like to migrate from our old shop platform to tb. All the links should remain valid and receive a permanent redirect.

Old shop URL template www.shop.com/productinfo.php?productsid=82

New shop URL template www.shop.com/index.php?idproduct=50&controller=product&idlang=2 (apparently, idlang is necessary, see https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1036/url-with-idproduct-does-not-work-needs-id_lang)

I've mapped the respective product IDs and would need to generate the permanent 301 redirect now.

If we take the above template examples and want to map the old URL to the new URL, would this be the correct way to do so?

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} products_id=82 RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.shop.com/index.php?id_product=50&controller=product&id_lang=2 [L,R=301]

How do I put the code in the .htaccess file with thirty bes? Under Preferences>SEO & URLs it says the .htaccess is automatically generated. I don't want the code to be overwritten by tb.

Is there anything else I need to consider besides placing that code in the .htaccess file?


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