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2 hours ago, led24ee said:

There is group Visitor and slider (YES/NO) near Cron tasks manager. So visitors are authorized to cron tasks ? What's the point of this ? I have no idea so far.

As this is a feature for customer groups it seems likely it is only going to have an impact on modules that are available to front office users. However it's a feature related to modules so all modules are going to be listed there, even if the setting does nothing for them.

For example, maybe you have a product review module that allows customers to review your products. You might only want to make that module's features available to users who are logged in and not to Guests.

Does this functionality work? I have no idea at all. I'm just trying to guess the intention of the feature.

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@dynambee is correct. I can just add that this functionality still works correctly. As far as I can tell, there exists 3 restrictions for modules

  1. Disable on tablet / Disable on mobile / Disable on computer module preferences can be used to display modules on specific device types only
  2. Multistore restriction -- if you have multistore, you can enable module for specific shops only
  3. Customer group restriction - the one we are talking about

All of these impact list of hooks that are being executed. You can also manually modify this hook list by removing specific hooks that you don't want to be displayed



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