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To go SSL on every page or just carts and accounts?


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I am wondering what the opinion is regarding serving your TB store over SSL. I currently have SSL enabled on just the cart ordering and accounts sections which is i think how TB and PS are set up by default. This is fine from a security standpoint as I don't take card payments on my site as the customer is redirected to Paypal for payment. But I noticed some big e-commerce sites are enabling it on all product pages (ebay, Amazon). Also a recent TV ad here in the UK was telling people to look for the green padlock when shopping online to stay safe, and although they would get this when they added a product to cart, perhaps not having it on every page could cause people to not to even get as far as adding a product to the cart. What are others store owners doing regarding SSL? Have any TB owners enabled SSL on every page and if so did they see any increase in sales?

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As i mention, there was a big advertising campaign on UK TV before Christmas which was telling people to look for the green padlock when shopping online, as my store is UK based perhaps this has got people to start to look out for SSL at least in the UK. Yes anyone can get a SSL cert for free but even before Letsencrypt you could get a free SSL cert with some web hosts as well, so those with the desire to do so could have easily setup a fake site with SSL.

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