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Wordpress + TB? Recommendation for more visual appealing interface


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TB has only one inconvenient in my opinion (derivate from PrestaShop) for non-pure e-commerce webs. It is not very visually appealing to users, something really important in non-only e-commerce webs.

We are now using visual composer but there is lack of features and in addition, it is very heavy (load) (only the youtube module, the only way to put a video is more than 1,2 mb)

When I see some WordPress/Shopify templates I miss this so visual interface in our e-commerce platforms so I was thinking about using Wordpress and connect the shop section with TB. Do you think it is a good idea? Any other recommendation?

Our project has to be appealing and the web is also a way to communicate all our project (we are an innovative startup).


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Choose shop design from those templates you like from Shopify and hire someone to remake the native template to look like it. That way you will keep best performance and have the great look. That's what I decided after I spent some money on pre made templates. Now I'm waiting for 1.0.4, if there will be such someday...

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