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Invoice lists carrier costs wrongly. PayPal sees them correctly.



This is not as general issue. I noticed it only once and could not 'regenerate' it.

I noticed and my customer too that on the invoice delivery costs were set to "free shipping" though normally our standard delivery costs should have been charged. Weird is that PayPal saw this standard charge and charged it correctly.

So, cart data was sent correctly to PayPal via Api but at somepoint Thirtybees internal invoice generating system failed or more likely was tricked some how.

I also noticed on the invoice the invoice adress was in a foreign country but not the delivery adress. For this particular foreign country we charge differntly. Note that for both cases inland and foreign... there is only one delivery service presented. Each has its standard carrier.

I tried to retrigger this behaviour and switched some times between delivery and invoice adress and inland and foreign country but I could not retrigger this.

I even tried to reproduce the cart that consisted of articles with variants.

May be someone has an idea what could have happened?

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