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again many, many, many thanks for the help, support etc. I received until recently @lesley @mdekker @wakabayashi @slick_303 @datakick @musicmaster

I know that some of my last comments were shit. Overall, I am appalled by this whole extent, as well as sad - but more disappointed about it.

however, this seems to be another milestone in tb history.

many comments have intensified the frustration in me. like a boxer lying on the ground, I tried to defend myself and eventually became aggressive. similarly, occam (eleazar) was expelled from the forum. He tried to support TB in his own way. I have supported tb for months with my little possibilities from about 6 years ps experience and trying to help. several members have thanked me for what i saw in reputation yesterday. such a great rating for me I would not have thought. and I assume that not all have given an upvote and some just a thank-you for my help, if I could help positively. Also for a thank you, I could be happy if my help worked out.

There were also some positive comments that I was looking forward to. here my favorite:

@rubben1985 Thanks for this great comment Quote: Lesley and mdekker are the fathers of TB, so they have a responsibility of telling people how the project is going on and repair all that is TB code. And that should not be paid as you propose. Customization or new features, sure, but TB code is their responsibility as well any future income will be for them.

@lesley Nevertheless, I was pleased that today you have a current state of TB and then also very open.

Quote from me: I was and still am fascinated and enthusiastic about the performance and improvements over PS 1.6.xxx. Convinced me to stay here … ??? What should I do?

additionally Apparently, my contributions and help, before saying goodbye, not worth a penny. Result - My achievements in this forum are worth nothing. As well as the others who give their best and are not programmers.

The last comment from traumflug https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1237/forcing-customer-to-choose-an-attribute/18 is again an example in which my neck bursts. This way he responds -> is a great ad for the image of tb and then just so violent a reaction. is this reaction ok? I'm not April fools. I do not know if this reaction is justified. I already feel like an accused offender in court anyway.

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I do not really know what to say. You discovered a bug and it was open for 5 days, then you leave. There are several paid stripe modules that work with thirty bees. You could have rolled back the module. There are lots of things that could have been done.

Being 100% honest, the thing that bothers me the most is this. We make business software. Software that people use to run businesses to make money off of. It is free, it is open source, it generally works great except for a couple of bugs. You hit a bug and you leave. You don't want to buy a module to fix the problem, you don't want to pay for a fix from a community member, you just want to leave. I just don't know how to take that.

Sure, the module should work, and I am very sorry that an update was introduced that broke it on your shop. But I am just astounded. You have no problem paying for your hosting. You have no problem paying your taxes or your employees. But paying for a piece of software is a deal breaker. I just don't know what to say. Do you not value what I, Michael, or the other community members do?

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I had calmed down a lot already now it hits me again from the stool !!! Sorry, but I think you need glasses !!! ??? !!!

What a shit .. is that again? How often should I point out that I have the Paypal-problems constantly and stripe has given the precipitate and a reset or a previous version now no longer works

Quote: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1636/i-will-say-goodbye/87

Please read here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1585/paypal-problem here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1047/paypal-modul-problem and for example here https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1395/paypal-v6-problem

Quote: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1619/stripe-bug-can-t-set-currency/4 After many attempts, I finally managed to reset the module to version 1.6.0. In live mode, I'll have to wait and see if payments or orders via Stripe will be received again.

Now I have the option to check the checkbox next to the payment methods in the currency section.

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The last comment from traumflug [...] is again an example in which my neck bursts. This way he responds -> is a great ad for the image of tb and then just so violent a reaction.

This is simply telling the truth. If the truth is violent to you, then sorry for your neck.

Now my personal opinion: if I can't stand something in open source communities, and I participate in quite a number of them, then it's all those whiners and lamenters. "I'm a newbie", "I can't", "I have no time", whatever. That's nonsense. Everybody had to start as a newbie. Everybody had to learn. If one has no time for working on a solution, one has no time for writing forum posts either. Volunteers become heros, because they don't lament, but sit down, take the time and start working on a solution. You'll never see me turning down somebody trying, but not (yet) succeeding. They'll receive the best support I can give.

On mailing lists where professionals have a majority (e.g. FreeBSD, Git), I rarely see lamenting. To receive acceptance there one has has to show up with code, with a solution or at least with an in-depth analysis. Are we among professionals in this forum? I hope so.

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30bz team, you guys doing a great job! The community you've leading is excellent, no doubt and i had seen not much communities with such level of mutual support. I think, you're on the right way, and always will be some not satisfied customers among others. This is normal. The only thing i can't understand is when commersant/merchant trying to make money and don't like to realize, that the VITAL parts of business can't rely only on free-of-charge solutions. This is realm of responsibility, so if i want my business to look solid and work solid then inevitably i have to invest some funds for vital-important things. That's why i've bought commercial theme for my shop, and that's why i've bought yet some modules, and that's why i 100% will buy working payment modules.

Generalizing, i think every businessman, who wants to get profit and not to play the sandbox, MUST recognize one simple thing: any business require investments and every business have a much higher risk level of different losses. And this is twice true when we talking about financial part of business (payments, banking, accounting et c.) So, still respecting @zimmer-media's personally i can qualify his posts like nothing but decadence and hysteria. And i'd like to support him with following: the outrageous fortune will always launch a slings and arrows for us, so you have to became much more thick-skinned and calm person, otherwise you'll burn out your nerves and health.

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I don't understand what his issue is with the team here. It's all on you bud(zimmer). not the TB team. you should have tested tb & the payment options before going live. If there was a bug not sure why it did not present itself in the testing. unless you did not try all options your customer would have been using the script for. Now with that said keep in mind your using open source software they all come with bugs. If your business was going to suffer you should have gone with a paid solution and tested this on the side. They cannot forsee every issue unless they put the software up & start selling subscriptions to use it. Which might not be a bad idea for a cloud based system. I still have a few bugs on my system. I am using that standard PS paypal mod I didn't switch to the new TB one. Why cause the one I have works fine. I don't use the default TB template either why cause the css & layout is different. It not a big deal when the time comes that I need that I will look into it. It's not the TB team's fault I got these issues its my fault cause I chose to migrate over fresh install. They warn you to back up & test. In the end you get what you pay for. So going on the cheap has advantages but it also comes with it's down falls.

I switched because PS I did bug posts that sat there for a month with no reply from Dev team or even a dam moderator when they should be the ones to direct the issues to the admin. it's Why you give them mod powers to maintain the dam support forum.

lesley took the time to write me paragraphs on the issues I had when above & beyond to help me out when he really didn't need too. It shows to me he cares about the project. The only thing I would like to see is that all mods get submitted & someone tests the living be jesus out of them & then they get the TB approved Module Seal & it then becomes the property of TB & you get a % on each sale. Then take those on each release & include the good standard upgrades like say slicks improved stats and they become apart of the core. Offer devs a bigger percentage for modules we need to make this better. (Bulk editing.) give them 80% of each sale until its completed. when devs drop of the face of the earth & they do. The mod is then marked no longer supports beyond version blah blah. You know what your buying then.

But thats part dream lol. I like where they are headed & I think we just need to all support the community when a user has a issue we all should offer what we can to help & even offer a work around for them until it can get addressed. anyway my rant on the subject.

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@zimmer-media said in last statement ?:

why am I again asked to pay for a native module ???

Just a helpful bit of advice. It's common practice to test installations/updates on a sandbox or subdomain before pushing it to your live setup. Updating anything on a live store that is making you money needs to be tested first. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but you didn't really make the best choices either.

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