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Link direct to order history page from email


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@pmfjoe I am not sure if this really makes sense. Many shop owners ask, for example, how they can hide the password in the registration email with asterisks. Many people are concerned with data protection. If someone else receives this confirmation e-mail or has gained unauthorized access, I think that he is in the customer account and can view various data. Personally, I can not recommend that. Guest orders - I do not want to compare or discuss with them.

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Hello, this would be horrific (* sorry *)

Some customers use e-mail-addresses like myname.1 (e.g. at Gmail service) and Gmail (and other e-mail-services) do not distinguish between an e-mail-address wich is myname.1 and myname1 (this is fact). But most of the users dont know about this and both e-mail-addresses can be different people.

You can read about that fact in Gmail usage description. And i also tried this for my own with such a similar e-mail-address.

So this means, when a customer use such an e-mail-address, it can be also seen by the other Gmail user as it is delivered in his mailbox when he registered this before at Gmail (or also some other services). Then a totally foreign person can see all the order details, address, maybe bank account or such things.

This is very strange and does not comply to any privacy policy or law or GDPR. Beware of this.

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Luckily as I don't deal with Europeans I don't have to worry about GDPR and honestly if you don't know of a module that does this then please don't other replying since you are not being helpful. I asked a question whether a module existed and not for opinions.

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@pmfjoe said in Link direct to order history page from email:

Are there any modules out there that allow a link in the confirmation email to link directly to the order history or order details page without having the user login?

are you talking about something like "order password" in virtuemart? take a look here: https://docs.virtuemart.net/manual/general-concepts/220-orders.html SHOPPERS VIEWING ORDER DETAILS

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