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E-mail address conciderd as spam


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About a year and a half ago my server was hacked. Since then a lot of my e-mails are considered as spam. The ip's i used where listed on blacklist. I got new ip 's in the hope that this that this would solve my problem but unfortunately I did not (or at least not all) Does somebody know what I can do so my e-mail address is no longer considered as spam? Thanks.

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@vincentdenkspel do you have SPF and DKIM set up properly?

My suggestions is to outsource sending emails to third party service, such as mailgun (I personally have great experience with them). You could:

  • create a dedicated subdomain for transactional emails, such as mail.yourdomain.com (you can still send emails from whoever@yourdomain.com using this subdomain). Don't send any other email using this subdomain (for example, if you have mailchimp, create another subdomain for it)
  • sign up for mailgun, or other similar service for transactional email.
  • set up SPF and DKIM dns records for this subdomains (they'll guide you)
  • use their smtp service to send emails from your server. Alternatively, you can set up email server on your vps as an email relay - your local email server will forward emails to mailgun smtp server. This will help in case mailgun smtp is down (very unlikely, but it happens)

These service providers are very good at delivering emails. They know all in and outs, and it really shows. They employ special algorithms, such as email validation, advances queuing, and scheduling, they have fallback mechanism for bounced emails, etc... in short, they make recipient's email servers very happy, and thus gradually increasing your mail reputation.

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@vincentdenkspel What if i find even more strange is the following: I've rent a server from the German company Hetzner.com. I buy games from German publishers. The mails i sent to German publishers do not arrive or in the spambox. The do receive the mails when i sent the mail from my personanl gmail account. That having set, i'm going to use the mailgun service. Thank you all for the remarks and suggestions.

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