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social networking icons show as boxes when caching is on


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I just noticed another issue related to caching.

When caching is on, the social icons of module Social networking show as boxes.

See attachment.

Hope this be fixed soon.

0_1526443657597_a807d9dd-0709-4652-9004-f64dc9a26dfb-77A4A4DC-94F9-458A-8B08-F0FF3E65AB11.png /var/folders/1y/v263qmpn1gb1bqm923m0h40000gn/T/ro.nextwave.Snappy/ro.nextwave.Snappy/77A4A4DC-94F9-458A-8B08-F0FF3E65AB11.png

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There must be some other error, as I noticed that to on my test store. (default instalation). As if clicking on login page or any other page, icons appear and stay. Same as rackmetro.com as I just checked that with firefox.

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This might help, https://blog.stackpath.com/glossary/cross-origin-resource-sharing/ If you look in the console window of your browser you can see that the fonts are trying to load, but the sites CORs policy is stopping them.

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