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[Proposal] Customization of modules on installation.


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One of the things I consider more interesting keeping a long time proyect is to have just the modules that you need in your store.

To get rid of the modules that you don't use benefits you in a lot of scenarios:

  • It reduces the amount of files, and therefore, the space you have to keep in your backups.

  • It makes smaller your database, removing dependences sometimes and allowing you better performance in general terms. As a consecuence of that, your database backups will be smaller to.

  • By default a lot of hooks are created with the default modules, so, removing them, you make the hook table quicker.

  • It keeps the KISS philosofy. Because in most cases, you don't need all the features offered by tb.

I would love to be able to select the modules that I want to install during the installation process. Including of course the modules integrated in the core.

For example, I won't never use the Paypal module, or the Stripe Module, so Why I have to keep them in my store permanently? I don't find any reason for that.

I wonder if in a first step, any developer can go to the installer files, and remove the folders of the modules that you don't want, but I don't have enought knowlegde of the core, to know if it will affect the store.

I have never understood why prestashop never allowed that. I think thirtybees must offer this possibility. I think this must be easy to acomplish.

NOTE: If you like this proposal you can vote it here: https://thirtybees.com/suggestions/customization-of-modules-on-installation/


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Yes, but, Don't you think is easier instead of removing one to one, to choose wich modules you want and which ones you don't want?

Moreover, what about the core modules like Stripe or similars? You can't uninstall those modules even if you are not going to use them.

I think that to be able to select the modules you want is easier, quicker and in terms of efficiency, more interesting.

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I think that depends on the customer. I reckon most of forum members are very interested in the software behind the shop, but that is not valid for all. So if this should be implemented I think is should be something that often comes with software. You have the choice of using the default install or a custom one where you disable the unwanted modules

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