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For the next updates of the standard template and some modules, I recommend an improvement of the headings. In a test installation and a live shop some headings of h1 - h2 are too much and duplicates are present. Tested on seorch.de and seobility.net.

Pictures of the evaluations of the test shop




  • i think the headings of the moduls (bottom) 0_1528499364174_5fe0264a-84f2-4c62-9692-f158ade47d61-image.png

    • categories (blockcategories)
    • informations (blockcms)
    • my account (blockmyaccountfooter)
    • contact (blockcontactinfos) do not need headers in size h2. optionally use as h4 or as p tag with a standard css to get a larger font.
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I do not know what that plays a role with which page the rating was created. I think it does not matter if it's the start page, a category page, product page or CMS page. In all cases the headers with the tag h2 are stored in the footer blocks. If necessary, the sidebar. I am not an SEO expert.

  1. Overall, there are too many headings from h1-h3.
  2. Product page with little text.

to 1. However, I think that there are too many headlines in total. These many headlines are probably still a remnant of PS. to 2. As an example: a product page with little text, because there is not much to write for the article. For pages with little text and many headings, the content is rated poorly because the recommended ratio between headlines and text is rather negative.

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I think one should not take all suggestions on internet as 100% for all type of websites. More important than 100 on all Seo or Pageslow is that your shop runs without errors and that you are compliant with laws in your selling area.

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In general, I agree that the H-structure could be better. It just doesn't make that much sense to place so many H1s and H2s in those unimportant areas.

On the other hand, when you compare your page with other prominent shops, then you will quickly see...nobody seems to care. It would be great if you could get an actual SEO-Boost by just having a good structure. But right now, it's not how it works.

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The heading structure does have a problem, there is no initial h1, there is just not a good place to put it.

But, if you look at things, what I did was follow a html5 system of heading structures. Having multiple h1 tags on a page is no longer considered bad if they are done correctly in their html5 container. The main section of the page is where the importance lies. Since google knows how to treat an aside, a nav, and a footer. It treats them as known repeatable content.

If you look at this image, this is how things nest https://www.screencast.com/t/YXMwoBHHwv4

In a proper heading format it is like this:

Page Name Page name + Subcategories sub category 1 sub category 2 Products product1 product 2

This is a proper outline format, with heading tags you can traverse the order as long as they are in order.

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I understand a lot. However, various modules also have h2 tags. I wanted to suggest this as a possible improvement. Personally, that's too many for me personally. No matter if it is on the start page, the category page or the product page.

In the standard system / template I know it's ok ... But it's the total number of h-tags that I have on each page. Through the modules with their headings, the relationship between content and headings is negatively affected.

The content of a good page should have many words, but if there are more headings, much more text must be written and that should make sense to page fit. That is not always easy.

Therefore, I hoped that the modules could be improved with their headings for any updates. For example, instead of h2 to set a h4 or h5 or general headings css-class adapted.

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