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Is the pack quantities bug fixed in TB?

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In PS we have a bug with pack quantities always showing 0 when the least stocked item in this pack has more than 0 in stock. Also I've read about other bugs where the stock of the pack is not reduced when the items are sold otherwise (in other packs or by single purchase).

I've followed back on TB changelogs but I did not notice any references to this area. Are some bugs fixed?

I need advanced stock program and I know that TB will be ideal in our case but I need to get this fixed as literally all products we sell will be marked as packs and the individual components will be marked as products of those packs.

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I just tested this and pack quantities are independent of actual product quantities still. I.e. If I sell one pack that is a 3 count pack of product A. Product A's inventory is not reducing. Also, if I sell one product A, the pack quantity available does recalculate to ensure enough are still available.

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