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Hi everyone,

I have a question about backups. Our site has a lot of images and while we compress them daily using a cron task and delete any extraneous images again using a cron task, this folder ends up being the most massive folder on our website. We have an automated backup that backups the database every night and the files for the website itself once a week. However, the image folder is becoming so huge that the backup routine times out before it can be finished, resulting in an incomplete archive. And when we managed to get complete, uncorrupted archives, the process of opening it usually fails because it is too huge.

Is there a solution to have the images backup separately, or to breakdown the backup of that folder in smaller chunks so that it can be reconstructed if it ever fails? Because reinstalling tens of thousands of images is not a fun task...

Anyhow, just thought I would ask if anyone had to deal with that sort of challenges. Any suggestions are welcome!

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