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Wrong url resolution after customizing SEO & URL at TB 1.0.6


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In order to make TB urls compatible with PS ones I add {id} into the SEO & URL customizing section in the following way:

supplier: {id}-{rewrite} manufacturer: {id}-{rewrite}

This leads to correct urls shown in the FO (in the way it is customized above), but clicking on the links leads to

  • either 404 or

  • wrong product page, I guess url resolution is somehow fetches the same product id and redirect to the corresponding product

Both behaviors are not correct.

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Oh, I did not recognize there are two types of that - with single and double _. Thanks for pointing it out!

Since I upgraded TB the whole URL Scheme was empty. Could you please share the whole default URL-Schema? Please, per copy-paste the values. Thanks, lesley!

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