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Hack stats module to show the combinations of best selling products?


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@30knees said in Hack stats module to show the combinations of best selling products?:

@datakick Shouldn't your module be able to do this? I have the ordered products list, but how do I group and sort that according to the most ordered product?

Unfortunately no. My module can create list of transactional data only, it can't summarize it. There are plans to implement this (summary list feature), but it won't happen anytime soon.

In fact, I first need to modularize my module a little bit first. It offers too much functionality, and that makes it too pricey for many merchants. Usually when someone wants to buy it, they need one or two functionality at most. But they have to pay higher price for all the other functionality won't even use. Most people want either xml export, or xml import. And almost nobody is using lists, mass updates, or custom fields,... Which is a shame, really, because these features are so powerful. I actually think that the list is the one feature that everyone should use daily.

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very interesting topic

I do not know how your variants etc of the products are constructed. in the statistics module or view "statsforecast" is at the end of the list of sold variants. When I look at the list with me, I also have no revealing results. At the moment I have other important things to do, but I will put it on my list. Maybe I can do something in the next few months or someone else is faster.

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hmmm, just by chance I just looked at the sales list in Prestools. There, the products are listed with variants. The period is adjustable and can be sorted by clicking on the respective column heading. (Click twice - for a sort from large to small) ;)

I hope it helps a little bit in the beginning.


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