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[solved] customer wants me to add "text" to invoice


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Sometimes customers want me to add important data on an invoice. Is there an elegant way to add this? Best would be directly from the backoffice/orders.

There is already the form for notes to be seen only by employees and not the customers. Could this be 'cloned' and and a variable be addes to invoice.tpl? Or any easier way?

Thank you

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Do you mean each customer can add information to the order that can be seen on the invoice?

So for example, we have customers who add their purchase order numbers, and those numbers appear on the invoice for the accounts department

For this, we advise them to use the "Order Message" box while placing the order.

But it still does not appear on the invoice by default. It is possible to hard code the invoice tpl file so that it includes the customer message, but we use the M4PDF module and do it that way

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No, I am not looking for a sultion where everycustomer can leave information to be added to invoice during checkout or customer account. I am looking for a way where an employee can add information in backoffice/orders that can be added to that special invoice (orderID)...

For example yesterday a University made an order but informed me that it is necessary that a certain number appears on the invoice...

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I used this for my old ps 1.6 installation .

Example add to invoice.tpl ```

{if $order_detail.first_order_message}

{l s='Kundennachricht:' pdf='true'}



But I do not remember what else I had adapted. So I had a message left in the orders of the customer in the remark field. If no info was deposited, e.g. the note Paypal payment accepted. It is not for info that has been added later.

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