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Hi There, I'm the Project Manager of Studio 116 Design, we develop a module for PrestaShop 1.6.x called Hyper Attribute we want to migrate the module on ThirtyBees but we have no one developer with the necessary expertise in ThirtyBees to do this job.

We like to share our code as open source for the community but we need someone capable to make the necessary adjustments as the module is not working.

Would anyone interested in joining on this project?

Best Regards Luca

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The module is a bespoke solution we develop for PrestaShop 1.6.x and works without issue, but it doesn't work on TB.

If you like to see what the module is capable to do please visit the link: https://www.footstoolsandmore.co.uk/footstools-ottomans/382-richmond-small-footstool.html ( i hope that i can insert the link without break any rule)

We are in the process to create the repository so there is no link live at the moment.

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forced save of customization without a button - post deleted; solution found and linked below. The request was in this thread because there is no thirtybees-tested module for the purpose just now.

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