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Paypal module and Bees Blog updates released

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I have just pushed live a release for the Paypal module that fixes the "An error occurred" message. 


I also released an updated version of the Bees Blog, with several new SEO focused features, bug fixes, and some new hooks for the module. 


Both releases should be live in your back offices. 

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I updated the blog, but I now can't edit or add any posts or categories because of missing database tables/columns. 
On my staging I did a reinstall/recovery of the blog module and the tables where added. This solves the problem but deletes all the settings, posts and categories.


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10 minutes ago, lesley said:

Hmm there might be a bug in the new blog module, I am going to have to test.


@Janvier thank @datakick for that, he added it right before I released the module, to make a good update a great update. 

First of all thanks for the updates! Forgot to say that!
After I added the columns in the database manually it works. 

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That could be a good option. I would try first with the new module from the feed from scratch. If that does not work, try with the version I linked. 


There should not be anything in the new version that causes that error though, that part of the module was untouched. What paypal method are you trying to use? 

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All the versions give me the same error: 

Authentication failed due to invalid authentication credentials or a missing Authorization header.

But also when I try to uninstall totally the paypal module I can't because when I reinstall the module all the previous configuration was saved. On the other hand if I try to uninstall or delete the module completely from the back office it gives me the error 500.


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