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Page Cache Ultimate module incompatible with thirtybees


I heard that the full page cache can replace this module but it doesn't work right now. So, as of right now there is no way to have full page cache on tb. According to the developer the module doesn't work because tb uses a class with the same name. 

Is there any way to make that module work for those of us who want to use it? Or do we have to wait for the full page cache to work and only use that option?

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Yes, Page Cache is a module known to be incompatible with thirty bees. The migration module even removes it automatically.

When migrating a shop I usually make a naive speed test (just load the page a couple of times and jot down the loading time). After migration, so far all shops were faster after the migration and after turning on Smarty caching as well as CCC (both on back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance) than with Page Cache before.

Having a full page cache sounds good in theory, but in practice it's pretty limited. There are many reasons why page requests are not entirely identical (different language, different currency, different country, ...) and in each case, caching doesn't speed up, but slow down page generation.

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