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Elastic search DO this?



We are thinking about building a powerful searching method and I was thinking that maybe elastic search can do that, but to be honest I never was so sure about its capabilities (even if I was one of the supporters haha).

I have installed to see the settings and all I see is about products: searching by references, names, description....

Could I use elastic search for:

1- Offering blog post

2- offering a pdf document like a free ebook

3- show a concrete CMS

4- Show a concrete page with a custom Message (instead of the default page name)

5.1- offering products, organized under specific titles. Ex: If they search wrinkle, show: "product for wrinkles" a, b c... "products that could complement a wrinkle treatment" a, b , c...

5.2- Following the previous system. Products containing "searched keyword". So part of the title would be the specific introduced keyword (a kind of dynamic title)


I would appreciate a little bit of light about elastic search and its possibilities.

Could you tell me if each/all of this 5 points are possible?

Do all of this need professional programming knowledge? If so, Would be easy to do for standard developers or they need to know very well elastic search?



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I can understand your wishes. Search is very important for big stores. The crowdfunding module can't do this things. I believe not too many merchants are using it right now. It would need a lot of improvments and enhancements to bring the functionality you want. Especially when we talk about things like "blog". Which blog? There are like 10 different popular blog modules...

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Well, I also had basic need in the past, so I can understand why people are not using this module massively. My guess is that who has basic needs, can use basic searching that do not need setting things up. Who needs more complex things maybe needs more than just supporting products. I think right now it is in the classic medium term that is not ideal for anyone (maybe just advance users with a technical profile that like to improve as much as possible).

Yes sure, I know it is not possible right now just with the module. I mean if the "elastic search" is what I am looking for or not (I still did not understand its capabilities)

I could pay for development (if it is not huge)

About blog, in my case, it is Panda blog (supported theme) but with default blog support I assume adaption is easier. 

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