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Data Base Error


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I am trying to start building my new website on my live website using a sub domain. All was going very well until I tried to connect to the database. The first time it happened I assumed I had the wrong info so started again ( I've done it 4 times now) and I always get the same error message

Database Server is not found. Please verify the login, password and server fields (DbPDO)  

I gotten to the point of using copy and paste but still get this error.. I also tried on another domain I own that is no tin use and it worked first time so I know I am doing everything right .. Has anyone any ideas as I need to start working on new website as it's going to take months to get right




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Looks like it's time to find out whether the database is actually working.

If you have a shell, did you try to connect to the database using telnet? Doing this here I get this:

$ telnet localhost 3306
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
5.7.25-0ubuntu0.18.10.2T 4�U7oPlT_bACGMgmysql_native_password

This means, a connection gets established. If there appears something like Connection refused, there is no server running.

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 I understand what you are saying just not sure how to go about it with my database.. I may ask my hosting if they can check this for me

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Do you have softaculous on your hosting?

If yes, install thirtybees from there, and than check the database setting on the softaculous install.

Like how server is written and database names.



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