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Old PS store migrated to thiry bees


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Hi all,
first of all i want to thanks everyone is contributing to make TB the best ecommerce out there!!!!
i just fully migrated our shop to TB and we're finally online with this old Ps shop: https://www.mudrashop.com
... modified a bit the look of the community theme ...
ii'll love to hear your toughts about, if you see any criticism or if you have any suggestion ...
Tks you all!

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@jnsgioia yes, i'm in manteinance mode cause i'm regenerating all images ... with more than 1000 products i think it will take half an hour more ... sorry for trouble .... but i'm glad if you like to come back in a short while ... any opinion from this forum is important for me!
Tks for visiting!!!

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Tks @wakabayashi , beeing on a shared hosting (a small one, fine tuned for prestashop ...), and using only tb cache and CCC, no cdn, no other cache type, your comment make me relax a bit, cause the speed was one of my concern i wanted ear about.... anyway i must thanks al the TB staff for that ... they did really a great job ....

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