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migrading cms pages



Hi all, 

A prestashop site is too messed up to migrate. So I was thinking to do a fresh tb install and migrade thing manually. the only thing I don't know how to migrade are the cms pages. I was thinking to export the pages via phpmyadmin and then importing to tb

Does anyone has an idea on how to do this ?

Kind Regards

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43 minutes ago, DRMasterChief said:

Hmm yes, simply export these files via  phpmyadmin  or just safe them as  plain txt,  then import it.  I think CMS sites are not that numerous and big than items ?!? 


Good luck!  Maybe you will let us know when you are finished and 'how to' do this. 

I was hoping somebody could post a sql query on how to do this 🙂 I could copy paste them as txt but I don't want to risk loosing id's  structure etc.. 

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Just select the cms pages tables in your old prestashop database and export those via PHPmyAdmin.

Then modify the sql tables names in any text editor to reflect the name of your TB table - ex. ps_cms to tb_cms

Then import those tables in your TB database using the import function of PHPmyAdmin and you are done.

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