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I  can't really find any real information about "manufacturer" tab under accessories , Can anyone enlighten me on the use of this

Like does it help in SEO mostly and if yes is there a way to get it to show on the product page , don't really want a image just the name


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Thanks ..I was looking for manufacturer.. Thought brand was something else as when I used it all I got was the default image .

Although I do need to move it up a bit if at all possible

Get a error page when I tried with this .. I may have taken to much


{if ($show_brand_logo>1 && $product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer) || (isset($sttheme.display_pro_tags) && $sttheme.display_pro_tags>1 && isset($product->tags[$cookie->id_lang]) && count($product->tags[$cookie->id_lang]))}
                        <div class="product_extra_info_wrap">
                            {if $show_brand_logo>1 && $product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}
                            <p id="product_manufacturer_info" class="product_extra_info clearfix">
                                <span class="product_extra_info_label">{l s='Brand:'} </span>
                                <a {if $enable_google_rich_snippets} itemprop="brand" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Organization" {/if} href="{$link->getmanufacturerLink($product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer, $product_manufacturer->link_rewrite)}" title="{l s='All products of this manufacturer'}" target="_top">
                                    {if $enable_google_rich_snippets}<meta itemprop="name" content="{$product_manufacturer->name}" />{/if}
                                    {if $show_brand_logo==2}
                                        <img {if $enable_google_rich_snippets} itemprop="image" {/if} alt="{$product_manufacturer->name}" class="replace-2x" src="{$img_manu_dir}{$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}-manufacturer_default.jpg" />


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