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Additional address copy of other clients


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In the additional address I am doing practices to register and I get the address of other customers in the additional address.

I don't know if this is due to the Niara template or the program.

I've been in prestashop for quite some time and I don't remember this problem so it must be new now so you should check it out.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

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I have already disabled also the full page cache and cleared by ftp
I use plesk server no cpanel and I'm using multishop in case it's of any help.

I am also deleting all non-original modules to see if the problem is caused by any module.

I will give you more information when I finish all the work.

I bet very strongly on Thirty Bees because I don't like PS 1.7 at all.

I hope it don't disappoint me.

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7 minutes ago, lesley said:

I think the caching platform I have seen that integrates with cpanel that causes this is engintron. Ask your host if your server is running that.  @Smile had a very similar issue and it was the micro cache in engintron. 

I'm using plesk and apache no ningx i don't think i have engitron cache

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