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As there are many PS 1.6 and TB experts here, I'm wondering if you guys mind sharing some ThirtyBees and Prestashop 1.6 Secrets and great tips / resources?
As I'm still learning, I'm constantly looking for great tips and insights into this awesome e-commerce platform (a well deserved kudos to the team and administrators bytw 😉 )
I've found some great tutorials by @Nemo, @lesley and @Vekia (PS 1.6).

However, I'm hungry for more hidden and secret tips to help me and by extension, the TB community on our ThirtyBees journey.
A nice example would be PS 1.6 and TB Secret Tips, "PS 1.6 Master Course", Admin shortcodes (if they exist 😉 ) and more.

I'm currently working on a TB project for work, so a bit busy on this side, but I've encountered a few useful shareable tips / tricks while looking for specific project solutions.
In the spirit of sharing and strengthening the knowledge base, I will endeavor to share whatever useful tips I encounter along the way - when I have the time in between focusing on the project. 
Also, regarding Free Modules, perhaps we can have a Free Modules Section on the Forum (not the market place)?

Nemo Tutorials and Tips and Tricks:
http://store.nemops.com/5-free-modules (modules)
https://www.youtube.com/user/NemoPostScriptum/videos (Nemo's Channel on YouTube - great video resource)

Vekia (MyPresta, the original):
https://mypresta.eu/prestashop/tag/for-free/ (modules)

DH42 (Lesley)

https://dh42.com/free-prestashop-modules/ (modules)



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Added link to Nemo's channel on YouTube
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