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Share ThirtyBees and Prestashop 1.6 Secrets, Tips and Useful Resources + Free Modules

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As there are many PS 1.6 and TB experts here, I'm wondering if you guys mind sharing some ThirtyBees and Prestashop 1.6 Secrets and great tips / resources?
As I'm still learning, I'm constantly looking for great tips and insights into this awesome e-commerce platform (a well deserved kudos to the team and administrators bytw 😉 )
I've found some great tutorials by @Nemo, @lesley and @Vekia (PS 1.6).

However, I'm hungry for more hidden and secret tips to help me and by extension, the TB community on our ThirtyBees journey.
A nice example would be PS 1.6 and TB Secret Tips, "PS 1.6 Master Course", Admin shortcodes (if they exist 😉 ) and more.

I'm currently working on a TB project for work, so a bit busy on this side, but I've encountered a few useful shareable tips / tricks while looking for specific project solutions.
In the spirit of sharing and strengthening the knowledge base, I will endeavor to share whatever useful tips I encounter along the way - when I have the time in between focusing on the project. 
Also, regarding Free Modules, perhaps we can have a Free Modules Section on the Forum (not the market place)?

Nemo Tutorials and Tips and Tricks:
http://store.nemops.com/5-free-modules (modules)
https://www.youtube.com/user/NemoPostScriptum/videos (Nemo's Channel on YouTube - great video resource)

Vekia (MyPresta, the original):
https://mypresta.eu/prestashop/tag/for-free/ (modules)

DH42 (Lesley)

https://dh42.com/free-prestashop-modules/ (modules)



Edited by Theo
Added link to Nemo's channel on YouTube

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@x97wehner  They likely need the code updated and cleaned and the modules extended. They don't track anything other than conversions. 

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21 hours ago, musicmaster said:

In the modules section of this forum you will find quite a few free modules. 

Did you try Prestools?

Hi MusicMaster
Thanks great suggestion. Maybe add the link to the download here?
Also, any other notable module and resources (tutorials, useful tips) that you can think of?

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