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"NEW" Badge on new items -- Where is the date stored?



In the back office it is possible to choose how many days the "NEW" badge is displayed on newly added items. The default is 20 days.

However, where is the date stored that this 20 days is calculated from? I thought it would be in `tb_products`, specifically the `date_add` column but setting that date to an older date does not make the NEW badges disappear.

I ask because when building a new site I only want the NEW badge to appear on actually NEW items, not on items that previously existed in our product catalog that just happen to be recently uploaded to a new site.

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1 hour ago, musicmaster said:

You can update it with Prestools too. 

I should check out Prestools one of these days, I'm sure I would learn a good chunk about how PS and TB internals work.

What I was trying to do though was update the value in the db directly to match our actual product creation date for a given item. I do this with direct db writes through an SSH tunnel just after the API call creates a new product. Now that I'm doing the update to both the `product` and `product_shop` table it is working fine.

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