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Niara and niara folders


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50 minutes ago, led24ee said:

Is there any good reason why there is two catalogue in root/themes catalog ? One is niara and then it is also Niara. Can this cause any problems with theme ?

thats a new one, wonder how that happened.  I can only assume it would cause problems someplace down the road.  the only two folders that should be in the /themes folder is niara and community-theme-default, both lower case.  Are there any files in the Niara folder?

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Yes. I'm trying to translate, but there are many items, what stays still in english. I try to explain.

If You export language pack you got file named (languange code).gzip And for me it is really easy to modify items in this file (with 7-zip) and then pack all items again in this file and then import this file.Now there are many sections in this file. translations for emails, for pdf, etc, shortly all, even tabs. And this is fro PS time. Now there are themes catalog in this gzip file. All these translated items begin with the same code. For example module blocksocial is following $_MODULE['<{blocksocial}prestashop>blocksocial_f5d5fbc8332317546cbeb037592e2902'] = 'test';

and this word test is what you see.


This row contains also theme name. And now I found out that in my case even if the file is in gzip under section themes/niara/modules/blocksocial/translations it still has prestashop instead of niara. Actual row is from fresh install. Is this some kind of error or have I made something wrong ?


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2 hours ago, led24ee said:

There's still something wrong. Even fresh install shows in translation section (Localization - Translations) that this phrase is translated, but actually TB uses/shows in english. Talking about for example Back Office translations.

Sounds like a caching issue to me, clear your site cache and browser cache.

we are talking about so many different problems and jumping around so much it's hard to help you.  On a virgin install of 1.1.0 there are 2 folders inside the /themes folder, niara, and community-theme-default, if there is a Niara folder I recommend you do a backup of it, then delete it.

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Looks like I found out what happened. I imported email translations with language file. There were only translated files. Now if I check these on BO then TB creates or copies also english version, but then not in folder niara but Niara. If i add english versions also to this gzip file (near to translated versions) then this Niara folder was not created.

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