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Shirts with Front and Back, Plus Color and Size Options, How do I do it?


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I think it's possible but am bad at explaining it.

bo>catalog>products>product name>images>add files

upload pics of the backs of your T shirts

bo>catalog>products>product name>combinations>combination>edit

The page should show a load of photos, one of them ticked, for this combination. 

You can tick as many as you want, including one of the back. Click "save" or "save and stay", then edit the next combination.

This worked for me first time and didn't work second time; I don't know the difference. First time I had photos for each colour and I just ticked, and with a bit of trial and error and clearing of caches it came right. Second time I tried to add an example to show. I had three pics of T shirts anyway. I tried to add another pic of the back of a T shirt to one of them. For some reason it came-up as a misaligned thumbnail next to the others, with text instead of a pic, and the theme doesn't match it to the T shirt that it's meant to be the back of. I don't know why I failed second time but maybe it is something to do with clearing caches and waiting a bit. (bo>advanced>performance>clear cache then press F5 on your browser)

Also, i don't know a neat way to add the back image to every size of the T shirt at once; I had to press "edit" and tick a photo for every single size. Maybe I missed one size for the shirt, and that stops it working. Maybe the one that's default is different somehow.

But that's the direction to go - it worked for my slippers.

So maybe this isn't about the theme after all. Sorry!

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Thank you all for the help! I will try checking two at once, I tried that once before and it would just uncheck the first one.

And everytime I do these I have to click "edit" on each and every size and color then select the proper photo and the "ref", is there an easier way?

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I tried clicking both the front and back, I cleared the cache through the admin panel and the browser. Nothing!

I cleared the cache again, then tried a different browser that the page had never been loaded on, Nothing!

I logged into the backend of the server through cPanel of my hoster and cleared that cache, Still Nothing!

So for now, this is my solution, But I don't really like this! https://mymembershipcards.com/clothing/t-shirts/unisex-tshirts/i-had-cancer-but

I would appreciate any more help or ideas!

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