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History.tpl - unable to edit or translate


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we found out that customer order history page is in ENG, even when in BO its translated. So i went to history.tpl try to apply any change but unable to do so (so far only in history.tpl - i can edit others files so far).  No cache system on, smarty flushed.  I tried delete file, in all themes folders (3), nothing changed - it s still shows. Did not find any overrride.

Well i might be missing (probably i´m) something 😕


thirty bees version: 1.0.8

PHP  7.2.16


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Well, our shop is one big mess, it s an update from 1.5 to 1.6, then copied from one hosting to another with wrong settings, then about 3 diff pple worked on it till i came and then we went for TB for many reasons. Oh and about trilion modules went by ofc (so problem can really be anywhere seems 😕 ) . I cleaned it as i coud, and ofc as i received help from community many times. Yet here we are, with few annoying bugs and pretty slow site.. I was wondering about using prestools to make clean install and import data into it, not sure if i want to go into that

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We have installed Prestools and Migration Pro. For migration data (products/orders etc.) to our new shop i always use MigrationPro, not a cheap module but verry easy to use.
Make a clean TB install in a sub domain and install the module in the new shop and start with the migration. How to do this with Prestools you have to ask @musicmaster

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