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I want to add some content like eco criteria. But SEO effective..


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I want to add some content about general product information. Like for example eco sustainability criteria: hand work, resources/material etc.

At first hand I think that this information is best placed in a FAQ section of the shop. At least this is what I had done 10 years ago...

I wonder if this is still the modern way to do since I want best SEO effect of it. Second comes user-friendly information. I am aware that this goes hand in hand but I noticed that some shops display this information differently.

So, do you have got any tips for me?

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Don't know really , information like that isn't really a frequently asked question.

It's more important than that . It should have it's own heading and even on the home page as it's something to boast about and maybe a image link on each product pointing to that

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The default is to rely on "features" which show under the heading "data sheet"


I've tried tweaking the "manufacturer" block to show country of origin rather than a brand or a factory. I just changed the wording under back office>localisation>translations.

The old-fashioned way, as you said, is to have a separate page and I haven't got that far myself yet but am sure that it's possible.

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