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How to add html content to homepage


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Thanks, I got it working.

Hope this cheat sheet / guide helps others.

In the BO, In Modules and Services > Positions > find the hook 'displayHome'

'transplant a module' button

Module > select 'HTML block'

Transplant to > select 'displayHome'

Now if you go back to Modules and Services > Positions > find the hook 'displayHome'. You will see the HTML block is there.

To edit the contact, go to HTML block > add new block > fill in and select the hook 'dispalyHome'

It now should be on the home page.



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22 hours ago, toplakd said:

I use PS Home Text Editor module.

Mypresta EU also has CMS on homepage module for free.

MyPresta HTML Box link if anyone is interested (though with TB's built-in HTML block this one is actually not needed):

Some great Free Modules from MyPresta:
And yes, most of these modules are Thirtybees compatible. 

MyPresta is the company of great Prestashop legend Vekia - used to be very active on the PS forums for years and supplied excellent help and modules...


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