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Thirty bees instalation wizzard error.


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I just did a test installation of thirtybees from github.  During the installation wizard, I got the following error  " The PHP bcmath extension is enabled : fail"  I looked all around php.ini and disabled the extension, but still no success even after restarting both nginx and php.   - I found out after a while that the real problem was that the bcmath extension was NOT installed or enabled. After installing the bcmath extension and enabling it, the installation was a success2016198901_Screenshot_2020-04-28thirtybeesInstallationAssistant.png.e88af62b29fef4b7ffbd62f5f9d5559e.png

Screenshot_2020-04-28 thirty bees Installation Assistant(1).png

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Yes, I now clearly understand, but it would be self explaining if the text said  "The PHP bcmath must be enabled" or "The PHP bcmath extension is required"  or "The PHP bcmath extension is required but not found"

Also, during the installation there was several wrong file permissions that had to be corrected. No problem for me, but other folks might face problems to correct the permissions.  Installation wizards for some others publish systems / web shops will in such cases show you the correct commands to fix the permissions together with the error message so you just can copy - paste into a terminal window to correct the permissions - this functionality would be nice to have also for the ThirtyBees installation wizard when error messages is displayed.

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