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Advanced EU Compliance



I installed this module and it is great.

All works fine, but in checkout page I have a problem:

- the terms must be accepted, but the checkbox isn't there.

Is there a way to add that checkbox so it's possible to continue checkout?

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I assume you are using Niara theme 🙂

If yes, than good luck, as you will need to manually edit the theme, since nobody tested how it works together with AUEC module ,once decision was made that Niara becomes official TB theme.

As Niara hides all default checkboxes/radio buttons and replaces them with colored ones.

So problem appears in every module that shows own checkbox/radio button based on default theme preferences, as Niara theme hides this by default and therefore nothing is visible.

In my opinion, hiding default checkboxes has not ben thought well.

Or you can replace following file in:



Edited by toplakd
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dear toplakd

Thank you so much. That is really what I need. Works perfectly.

dear DRMasterChief, thank you so much for your help, but because english is not my language, I dind't explain well.

So, toplakd, every time I install a new module that needs checkbox, I will need to edit module files?
If I use community theme I will not have this problem?

Anyway, for this module the problem is solved, thanks to you. Is that possible to explain the changes that you made? I look inside the file but didn't understand nothing.

Kind regards to all
Luis Cortes

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16 minutes ago, toplakd said:

Added in the new file is the


Community theme does not use styled checkbox/radio buttons, so that issue is not present there.


Thank you again.

The problem of community theme for me, is that it's darker than niara, and it's very hard to change it with no php knowledge, so I opted for niara. Anyway, now it's very hard to change to other theme as I already made some modifications, and installed some custom modules.
Every time I change theme, it uninstall my modules and install preconfigured ones. by the way, is that possible to change theme without modify the installed themes and languages?

If you have some patience and a few minutes, can you explain me in simple way what the class="label-text" do?

best wishes

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