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Can someone help please

I added a new sign in feature (twitter) and happened to sign in to try it. The email I got has a awful reddish line though it and I just cannot seem to find out where it is coming from

I have the Panda template.. I have looked in Translations and the welcome email seems to be coming from "Account" as have looked under core emails and Panda and only have English .But looking at those there is no line though it.

Even went though the emails via FTP and checked every colour under account file

I must be missing or doing something wrong.

OK still can't upload images here ???? Have sent PM about it

But basically looks like this

Hi Andy C
Your Pewter World login details
Thank you for creating a customer account at Pewter World.

You can login on our shop by using your social network account:

Account: Twitter 
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Tried there and found it does have email but as a test I removed the powered by prestashop on both html and text ,but when I create a new account it is still there .. I know it's not a major thing

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oneall.. I've been using them ever since I started 9 years ago. Bit complicated to start with but once you know what's going on it is. I just use the free version ,but you can pay to get rid of the oneall link

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