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back office > modules and services > modules and services > image slider module > configure

It's a good module for making people think "wow" when first looking at a web template, but I guess that most merchants turn it off or delete it on their own sites after looking at it for a while. I don't have a copy installed to see how it works but the instructions should point an image to a category, such as "tea"

If you can set-up a demo shop easily, one way of getting to know it is to try to disable everything, then re-enable things to find out whether you want them. The minimum default is just a single horizonal line above the footer section; everything else can be disabled. On the other hand, the categories module takes a bit of googling and thought to enable on the front page while the layered navigation module doesn't suit the front page and probably can't go there at all.

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23 hours ago, Sherwin said:

I am having problem with "Shop Now" button which redirects to thirtybees site

Well, it behaves exactly as configured. If you want a distinct configuration, go to back office -> Modules & Services, find the image slider module and click on 'Configure', then scroll down a bit and click 'Edit' on the image you want to configure. There one can change texts as well as the URL on click.

BTW., this button shape is just visual. Clicking anywhere else on the slided image gives the same result.

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