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please follow these steps:

  1. install psonesixmigrator module to your ps16: https://github.com/thirtybees/psonesixmigrator/releases/download/2.1.0/psonesixmigrator-v2.1.0.zip
  2. perform migration
  3. install coreupdater module (should be visible in modules page)
  4. update your thirtybees to latest bleeding edge 1.1.x
  5. enjoy the stability and performance of your new thirtybees
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14 hours ago, purechoice said:

I uploaded the thirty bees zip file but I dont see it in the modules section to run.

On the page listing modules, there's a 'Add a new module' button in the top toolbar. Click that and an upload panel will appear. Upload the Zip file there.

Also, grab the Zip from the 'releases' section on Github. Github also packages other Zips on other pages (sorry, one can't prohibit Github doing this), these don't work. Name of the right file is psonesixmigrator-v2.1.0.zip. When unpacked, it's a directory 'psonesixmigrator' with one of the files inside named 'psonesixmigrator.php'.

Sometimes file backup doesn't work. In this case, backup by other means (e.g. FTP) and flip this switch off before trying again. It's harmless to try multiple times.

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