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Obtaining an IP address from an abandoned cart

The Pellet Guy


As per the title 

I have a new product that many shops cannot get their hands on and every day sometimes twice a day I get a customer adds all the remaining stock of that product to the cart  then does the off  and never buys the item

the system classes them as a guest as they are not registered,  Is it possible to obtain the IP address of that user  are there any tricks I can use to capture the culprit  ( I think its another shop playing games )

Im not overly bothered as it meens im attracting the attention of my competitors but would love to know if its the same person doing this since the day I went live

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If you have installed and enabled module 'Data mining for statistics' then IP address is already stored.

The IP address is stored in tb_connections table. You can access it using this query:

SELECT INET_NTOA(c.ip_address)
FROM tb_connections c 
INNER JOIN tb_guest g ON (c.id_guest = g.id_guest) 
INNER JOIN tb_cart cc on (cc.id_guest = g.id_guest)
WHERE cc.id_cart = <cart_id>


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