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So today my website decides its on crack


My new fishing site has been live for a few weeks  its been rolling along quite nicely  then today I cant log in to the front end Im thinking i have lost my password which is normal for me so log into the back office change my password  and I still can't log in,  also I cannot add anything to the shopping cart.

My first port of call is to get a co worker to sign in on the front end,  and he cannot log in either and is rewarded with an authentication error and he cannot add anything to the cart.

what could have caused all this  I havnt changed anything on this cart other than move a few customers into groups which is a standard proceedure it was all working fine last night 

Im totally baffled obviously with lockdown in the UK looming I need to be live 


Also asked a couple of our Competition Team Anglers ( the group I added them too)  to log in and they are getting the same,  I changed my status to just a regular customer and its the same  

Debug mode isnt throwing any errors  I have cleared cache in the back office so many times  the button is wearing out, I also tried with all Cache options off  and all results are the same 


Anyone have any pointers, Im totaly baffled



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Fastbay is the most recent module  that was about a month ago  

I have edited the horizontal top menu  and turned off supplier block  thats my total work load


I while back I was hacked (2 months)  good and proper a rogue module with a huge back door  I since enrolled a company called Astra and thier security module  its been live for a few months and working fine  and we have had orders  up until 22.22 pm last night GMT   I did a backup last night but that shouldnt effect the operation of the website

also managed to add an order via the back office just now

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58 minutes ago, wakabayashi said:

I have just sign up - worked.

Logout - worked.

Login - worked.

So I guess it's only about old customers. :S

Yes maybe im quite old  a caveman in fact  lol   well thats food for thought  and gives me something to work with  I wonder if it has something to do with the CS Cart to 30 Bees conversion module

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10 minutes ago, wakabayashi said:

Oh one moment... you never tested this after switching? 

When we switched the cart system, all users had to use "password forgotten" feature... 

surely there is a way of linking the Database to incorperate users names and passwords,   im gonna check that feature now but this has been migrated for a few months now


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Both systems use different type of hashing the passwords so the "old" system passwords will never give the proper "answer" to the new system when they try to log in so they will receive the "wrong pass" message.

But if you have logged in before and now you're not able to do probably this is separate errror. Try clearing all caches and try logging in in incognito mode (or different browser).

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